Maintaining Your Perfume Wardrobe on a Budget

Maintaining Your Perfume Wardrobe on a Budget

How To Maintain Your Perfume Wardrobe on a Budget

For many people, the next few months or even longer will be a time where finances must be carefully managed. The knock-on effects of the health pandemic have financially impacted a large number of people in the UK, so finding ways to save money is a big priority so maintaining your perfume wardrobe on a budget is important 

If you are someone who loves their nice perfume and smelling good helps you to feel good, you don’t necessarily have to give up your little luxury. Even if your favourite scent is one of the more expensive ones in the stores, you can still smell great without breaking your budget. 

I Smell Like stocks copycat perfumes at a fraction of the cost. You won’t be able to tell the difference between your favourite perfume and the copycat but your bank balance definitely will! 

Budget inspired by designer perfume brands 

There is a huge number of perfumes available to buy at much cheaper prices, so all of your favourite designer brands have inspired an alternative perfume in the I Smell Like range. Whether you like Aventus, Coco Mademoiselle, Angel or any other of the other bestselling perfumes, you will find your significantly cheaper copycat at I Smell Like. 

We know that many people have money worries right now, so to provide a helping hand we have slashed our prices even further, so you can now buy your favourite perfumes from as little as £5.99. You can buy 100ml bottles of your favourite scent for just £25.99 and also benefit from free UK delivery and a 14 day no quibble money back guarantee. 

If you are not sure which scent you want or you prefer to try a tester before you buy a large bottle of any of our perfumes, you can order the 5ml tester for just £5.99 to help you to make up your mind.  

Customers have rated our budget perfume best sellers 5/5 

The feedback we get from our customers is excellent, so they are obviously very happy with how similar the scents of our alternatives are to the perfumes they have been inspired by. You can see on our website that some of our best sellers have been left 5/5 star reviews by our very satisfied customers. For example, Coco Mademoiselle, No. 5 and Acqua Di Gio Pour Homme have all scored the maximum ratings.  

With Christmas not too far away now, you might even want to introduce others to this great opportunity to save money on fantastic perfume scents. Why spend unnecessary money on expensive perfume brands when you can get the same smell for less?