Eau De Parfum vs. Parfum De Toilette

Eau De Parfum vs. Parfum De Toilette

What Is The Difference – Eau De Parfum vs. Parfum De Toilette

Have you ever wondered what the difference between Eau de parfum and parfum de toilette is? When you buy a fragrance, as well as having a big selection of different scents to choose from and different sizes that they come in, you can also buy fragrances with higher or lower concentration like eau de parfum or parfum de toilette. So, you can have a weaker smell of the fragrance or a much stronger and more powerful one.   

Eau de parfum is the description for the perfume that is of a higher concentration and is for when you want your fragrance to really stand out, whereas the eau de toilette version of the fragrance is for a more subtle smell. The eau de toilette has a lower concentration of oils, which means it is a lighter scent.  

Generally, the eau de parfum version will cost more and typically consists of 15%-20% perfume oil, compared to the eau de toilette which would tend to be closer to 10%-15%. There are actually more categories to describe the density of the perfume oil, with pure perfume being the highest, followed by Eau de parfum and then eau de toilette, while eau de cologne has the lowest concentration of them all.  

The fragrances are usually made from exactly the same notes and it is just the amount of fragrance oil that is different, so the smells will be very similar. Some people like to buy a range of the different concentrations of their favourite scent, to suit different types of occasion i.e. everyday wear or just for on special occasions.  

The different types can also develop on the skin quite individually, so you could find that you like the eau de toilette version but the Eau de parfum is too strong a scent and you don’t enjoy it as much.  

Eau de parfum will usually last longer, as the wearer will not need to spray as much as it stays on the skin for longer, although that depends on the person, as some people like to spray at regular intervals rather than their spray frequency depending on which concentration they are wearing.  

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