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Your scent really does matter – having the right fragrance has a powerful impact on those around you. Your scent can make you feel great about yourself and make you more attractive to others. Unfortunately, the best perfumes come with a weighty price tag, their not cheap… until now, that is.

Our carefully developed cheaper mens perfume alternatives and womens alternative copycat fragrances that smell like the world’s most iconic perfumes, aftershaves and colognes, and cost a lot, lot, less, include over 90% of the ingredients that the big-name perfume brands use; in fact, the only thing that’s not near-identical is the perfumes price, our similar perfumes are a lot cheaper and priced at fraction of the cost of the big expensive designer perfume brands. With our UK cheaper alternative womens and mens similar perfume prices at a more affordable cost, it’s your chance to buy your favorite cheap perfume that smells like designer perfume brands fragrances, inexpensively and without any restriction.

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Cheap Perfume Inspired by  Alien Fragrance


We have created an original, unique and clean alternative perfume brand in the UK, selling cheap perfumes that smell just like designer fragrances.

i Smell Like… our perfume brand is clean and crisp, just like our alternative scents.