The Best Unisex Fragrances

The perfume industry has come a long way from the days where nice perfume was exclusively available to royals and emperors. Like many other products, perfume has adapted through many types of developments to embrace the modern world. 

While traditional and even more contemporary scents are still marketed as ‘pour homme’ or ‘pour femme’ or use other descriptions that define which gender the scent is intended for, unisex perfumes are becoming increasingly popular.  

The benefits of unisex fragrances 

If you like a scent, then there should be no reason you shouldn’t wear that chosen scent. Unisex fragrances usually combine masculine and feminine scents to produce a unique smell from the more traditional predominantly masculine or feminine notes. 

Another good reason to buy unisex perfumes is that they are generally lower in price and tend to have more neutral scents, so they can be less overpowering. If you don’t like strong scents, or they can give you headaches, unisex perfumes could be a better option, as their ingredients are usually less bold. A good example is CK One, which was the first unisex perfume that became a best seller and people enjoy wearing it because they like the clean and fresh scent it provides.  

There is also the option to be able to share your perfume collection in your household, making it a much better economic solution if you like to change up your scents regularly, or wear different perfumes for a range of occasions.  

Unisex perfumes at discounted prices 

I Smell Like has a range of enticing unisex perfumes that are inspired by designer fragrances. So, you can get a copycat of your favourite unisex scent at just a fraction of the cost you would pay for the designer version. Many designer perfumes charge so much because of the power of their brand, or because their fancy bottle is very expensive to manufacture.  

If you are simply looking for a great scent, just like the designer fragrances, without paying for expensive bottle designs or the name on the labelyou should take a look at our unisex range which includes: 

iSL062 – Inspired by Oud Wood 

iSL060 – Inspired by Lost Cherry 

iSL085 – Inspired by Blackberry & Bay Cologne 

iSL088  Inspired by Pomegranate Noir Cologne 

iSL090 – Inspired by Lime Basil & Mandarin Cologne 

iSL019 – Inspired by Silver Mountain Water 

Don’t worry if the scent that you are looking for isn’t listed here, as we have many more unisex perfumes, as well as a huge number of Men’s and Women’s fragrances. So, take a look and find your preferred scent, with prices starting from just £5.99! 

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