Let Us Introduce Ourselves…

We’re new here, so we’d like to introduce ourselves. I Smell Like is a brand new fragrance company that gives customers the scent that they want, at a fraction of the cost of the expensive designer brands.


Over the years, we have noticed fragrances rocketing in price and a small bottle of perfume can set you back a huge amount of money. When we looked at the ingredients that are going into these designer brand perfumes, we couldn’t believe the amount of profits that the manufacturers were making. So, we decided that we would put our fragrance knowledge to great use, with a team of talented perfumers recreating alternative scents to all of the well-known brands that are best sellers.


Our fragrances are skillfully developed to recreate almost identical scents of your favourite perfumes but it won’t cost you a small fortune. Your friends and the people you meet will not know the difference between the smell of their designer perfume and our alternative. So, you can smell the way that you want but pocket the difference in price. Right now, as the UK goes into recession, we need to be carefully managing our money, so switching overpriced perfumes for cheaper alternatives with the same smell, will help you to save your money.


We know that people will be sceptical about how good our fragrances are, which is why we offer a 14 day no quibble money back, as well as free UK delivery. To give you a better idea of the types of fragrances we produce at unbelievably cheap prices, these are some of our best sellers:


iSL016 – Perfume Inspired by Aventus

iSL015 – Perfume Inspired by Aventus for Her

iSL077 – Perfume Inspired by Love, Don’t be Shy

iSL062 – Perfume Inspired by Oud Wood

iSL028 – Perfume Inspired by White


Our prices


If you are not sure which scent to go for, you can buy a 5ml tester for just £6.99. The Aventus inspired 100ml is priced at £39.99, which is less than a third of what you would normally pay for the Aventus perfume that the scent is based upon.


We are selling women’s, men’s and unisex perfumes and whenever a popular new scent is released, we will be providing an alternative at hugely lower prices than you will pay in stores for that scent.


Take a look at our range of scents to try the one that is based on your favourite perfume and we challenge you to do the smell test to see if you or your friends can tell the difference. Order your tester bottle to give it a try and then you will see why so many people are saving money by switching to I Smell Like for all of their perfumes.


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